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Process Servers Cheshire provide unparalleled facilities to the Legal Profession, Government Departments and Corporate enterprises, for the service of legal documents and Court process, throughout the entire United Kingdom and abroad.

The services of Cheshire Process Servers extends to the service of legal documents which emanate from Courts abroad, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and countries in the European Union, and our process servers are familiar with the legislative requirements of those foreign Courts.

Process Servers Cheshire are able to extend these services throughout the United Kingdom as we have process servers, in all of the counties throughout the country, who have considerable experience in the field of legal document service.


Process Servers Cheshire have decades of investigative experience. Our principal is a law graduate and former Fraud Squad head, all of our personnel team and agents are seasoned investigators, mostly they have been detectives in Criminal Investigation Departments of UK police forces or Regional Crime Squads, those agents abroad have similar backgrounds and have been carefully vetted.

In addition another of our directors is an Information Technology consultant and has a BSc in Computer Science, all have an in depth knowledge of the law and sources from which information can be lawfully secured. They are skilled in the art of interviewing and acquiring evidence.

The combined investigative knowledge of our staff cannot be surpassed by other organisations and we are consequently leaders in this field.

Tracing Litigants and Pre Sue Enquiries

Process Servers Cheshire would draw attention to the advisability of ensuring, prior to commissioning a process server, to establish the correct place of residence of a defendant. In instances when a debtor has absconded this generally necessitates a tracing enquiry. Process Servers Cheshire provide this service and have the facilities to inspect multiple databases in order to establish new addresses, both residential and business, of individual debtors, as well as having process servers to make local visits to relevant addresses.

It is similarly advisable, Process Servers Cheshire would suggest, to determine that a potential litigant or debtor has the ability to compensate a claimant for damages sustained, and in addition the Court costs ensuing from a legal action. Without this assurance a claimant might well be incurring further financial loss, if he were to take action against a person with no assets. This is by no means a complacent view, it is a prudent and necessary step that should be taken by all circumspect claimants, before assigning a process server.

Complete Investigative Services

We can confidently offer, in addition to those services already mentioned, a complete investigative service including:

An expert service for the interviewing of witnesses, complete traffic accident investigative facility, including witnesses interviews and locus reports, an expert Corporate Investigative service, limited liability company investigations and director and shareholder enquiries, employee absentee investigations, suspected employee theft matters, and a comprehensive statement taking facility in all of these areas.

Our investigations are carried out by former CID personnel, who have performed these functions over many years and these facilities are available from our organisation, as we have the skills of presenting matter to the Court in accordance with all relevant legislation. few other agencies have this depth of experience,

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